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Lysa Appleton

Lysa Appleton

Executive Coach
Based in Halifax, NS, Lysa is a seasoned career practitioner and leadership consultant who has been working in the field of coaching and consulting since 2006. Her working style is warm and intimate yet effective and strategic in supporting people through their career transition, career management and re-employment.

More about Lysa Appleton

Lysa is passionate about branding and marketing high achieving professionals and industry leaders, ensuring clients have a superior edge and advantage that out-paces the competition. While always focused on the big picture, Lysa also works with clients to achieve practical, relevant and powerful goals that drive personal leadership, professional growth and change that sticks.

Lysa earned her B.A. from the University of British Columbia and received her coach training and credentials from Coach U, one of the oldest and largest coach training institutes.  She is also a Certified Career Development Practitioner and a certified Career Strategist and Employment Specialist with Career Professionals of Canada, (CPC).

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